Shandong part of the kindergarten teaching fees doubled official: for teachers to pay five insurance

Qufu City, more than kindergarten teachers to the parents of students to provide "on the norms of the city kindergarten fee management work notice" (hereinafter referred to as
Recently, Jining City, Shandong Province, Qufu City, more than kindergarten students parents to the surging news ( reflects, January 14, 2017, Qufu City, many kindergartens posted a notice at the door, according to the relevant provisions of Qufu City, The kindergarten fees to adjust, of which the experimental model kindergarten spring semester 2017 from the standard fee of 360 yuan / month, 2017 spring semester a total of 1,800 yuan / student, more than the previous 825 yuan / , January 5 charges. January 7, Qufu City, a deputy director of the Education and Sports Bureau told surging news, Qufu City kindergarten before the implementation of the charges were more than ten years ago, Jining City, 2014 introduced a new standard for kindergarten charges management, Qufu City and Not immediately to adjust, and now for the kindergarten teacher to pay "five insurance a gold" and other costs, due to local financial resources are limited, so the kindergarten fees management standards were adjusted. The above kindergarten door notice shows that the adjustment of kindergarten fees in Qufu City is based on the June 2014, Jining City Price Bureau, Jining City Board of Education, Jining City Finance Bureau and other departments issued "on the norms of the city kindergarten fee management work Notice "(money price word [2014] 39). In order to explain the basis of fee adjustment, Qufu City, more than kindergarten teachers to the parents to provide "on the norms of the city kindergarten fee management work notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"). The above "notice" provides that the existing kindergarten management fees, childcare fees, miscellaneous fees, agency fees for the education of education (hereinafter referred to as "security fees"). The security fee is mainly used for kindergarten staff salaries, allowances, subsidies and benefits, social security expenditure, business expenses, business expenses, repair costs and other normal expenses. There are financial subsidy of public kindergarten school security fees are: experimental model kindergarten 360 yuan / month, a class of kindergartens 260 yuan / month, two types of kindergartens 200 yuan / students, three kindergartens and unqualified kindergartens 160 yuan / Health month. No subsidy for public kindergartens without financial subsidy may be appropriately floating on the basis of the above criteria, and the floating rate shall not exceed 20%. The above-mentioned "notice" requirements, "counties and cities in the public kindergarten fees can be adjusted within the above standard range, the specific charges by the county urban price, education, finance departments according to the local urban and rural economic development level, The capacity of the masses and other practical conditions to determine the reasonable adjustment of the larger, can be gradually implemented in place. "According to the Ministry of Education to develop the" kindergarten work process "provides that kindergartens to implement fee publicity system, fees and standards to the parents publicity, Supervision. Parents of the kindergarten students said that they have not received kindergarten fees to adjust the relevant publicity information, the school asked the payment time is relatively short, which, provincial demonstration kindergarten Lucheng Street Center kindergarten provides payment time is small classes, Large classes are January 5, 6, 7, each day. In addition, the kindergarten student parents provided screenshots show that some kindergarten teachers have repeatedly issued a message in the parents QQ group, said, "Today is the last day of payment, please do not get the list of parents to seize the time to take the list of payment It is not responsible for expiration!

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