Japan and Russia to push the summit next spring Putin is expected to visit Japan

Hoping to hold the Russo-Japanese summit in the local cities of Russia in the spring of 2016
BEIJING, December 30 (Xinhua) The Japanese government hopes to hold the summit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the spring of 2016 in the local cities of Russia. Japanese media said that in order to carry out specific coordination with the Russian side on the summit, the Japanese side of the preliminary decision will be held in February 2016 held in Tokyo, vice ministerial level consultations. It is understood that Abe last month held talks with President Putin in Turkey. During the meeting, Abe said it would be reconciled again to facilitate President Putin's visit to Japan at the appropriate time. In addition, he also said, do not rule out the possibility of their own access to the Russian city. In view of this, the Japanese government proposed to hold the Russo-Japanese summit in the Russian cities in the spring of 2016, and initially decided to hold the Japan-Russia Vice-Ministerial Consultation in Tokyo in February 2016 to discuss the period and place of the summit Specific content to coordinate. The Japanese side is currently seeking the views of Russia. It is reported that Japan-Russia Deputy Foreign Minister-level consultations will be on the northern territorial issues to negotiate, to seek both sides can accept the solution. In addition, the two sides will exchange views on international situations such as the Syrian and Ukrainian issues.

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