Car lost control caused four car chain collision driver passengers died on the spot

A serious traffic accident occurred near the toll station in Changsha West
Firefighters are on site to rescue. (Reporter Xiao Liu Jun) yesterday morning, near the toll station in Changsha, a serious traffic accident occurred, a car out of control caused by four cars after the collision, resulting in the car drivers and passengers on the spot unfortunate on the spot Died. 8 at 7 am in the morning, in the Yuelu Avenue Changsha West toll station near the road section, a license plate number for the Hunan A7L282 green Geely hatchback, head with a hanging Shanghai brand heavy trailer collision, the front of the car has been pressure In the big truck under the cab, the left side of the cab also collided with the fence, the most serious damage. Near the residents said: "At that time the rain, this car do not know how to engage in, suddenly out of control over the middle of the green belt, retrograde into the opposite lane after the link caused by traffic accidents." Reporters saw that there is a Audi and a public car was affected, but fortunately the damage is not serious. Due to violent collision, the body deformation is serious, resulting in the car two people trapped, received the alarm, the high-tech zone fire brigade firefighters emergency rescue to the scene. Firefighters found that the car's male driver has unfortunately died on the spot, the co-pilot seat of a woman is also dying. After the firefighters of the rain, the woman was rescued, unfortunately, after the emergency medical staff on-site diagnosis, has died. The driver's body moved out, also found a car left a ladies handbag, which has a medical history and blue wallet. Police from the women's wallet to find identity cards, to determine the identity of the contact after their families, confirmed in the car accident in the tragic men and women were married. "I was ready to drive to take the highway to Yiyang Yuanjiang, see the weather is not good, afraid of any accident, but also deliberately go out the outside." The truck driver standing in the rain, the body wet he said helplessly, I was normal to go, this car from the opposite 'flying' over, really is a little sign no. "It is understood that when the truck is from east to west normal driving in the outermost lane, accident Geely car and the other two The cars are traveling from west to east. The victims are more than 30 years old, Wangcheng people, was ready to go to the hospital. As for why such a serious consequences, the traffic police department is further investigation and evidence collection.

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