German car suspected a large number of gunpowder police once blocked the border road

German police found a car suspected of carrying the bomb to produce the material
Information: German police. According to foreign media reported on the 1st, the German police found a car suspected to transport the production of bomb materials, late at night blocking a road to Austria. The police detained a Polish driver and three African-American passengers from Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire respectively. At present the driver of the unknown driver, the driver suspected of illegal entry with African passengers into Germany. In the vicinity of the border in the south of Germany, the police intercepted a Polish car in the routine inspection and found that there were three iron pipes, a large number of gunpowder, wires and multiple mobile phones. Police suspect that the material was used to make iron pipe bombs, then launched a large-scale security operations, once blocked the road for hours. Germany has a large number of immigrants into the situation, has been strengthened to check from the Austrian entry vehicles, but also in the Munich shopping center shooting case to enhance the security level.

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